Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

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Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Reviews 2019

Using a meat thermometer that is Bluetooth enabled is a huge step if you are serious about BBQ. Taking out the guesswork of cooking meat, you are simply alerted when your meat has reached your preferred internal temperature. With water-proof probes, large LCD screens, and great apps, Bluetooth meat thermometers are definitely revolutionizing how we all cook. Here are a few tips and reviews on the best Bluetooth Meat Thermometers on the market.

Wireless Meat Thermometer for Grilling, Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Digital BBQ Cooking Thermometer with 4 Probes, Alarm Monitor Cooking Thermometer for Barbecue Oven Kitchen, Support IOS & Android – Best Seller

This wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer is great for grilling or use in the kitchen. With a digital display, the Soraken uses four probes and an alarm monitor for accurate cooking. The Bluetooth features work with both Android and IOS devices to monitor your temperature.

Allowing you to cook your meat accurately, the Soraken Remote Bluetooth Thermometer uses four probes to monitor both the meat and the temperature in the oven from 196 feet away. This is an easy to setup thermometer that uses a simple on and off switch and a backlit screen. All you have to do it set up the app on your phone and place the device in the meat.

Ease Set Up
These are durable probes made of stainless steel that include wraps for storage. It is simple to pair the device with your phone, and it will automatically connect every time after the first connection. It is designed to work with Android 4.3 and iPhone 4s and later models.

With one-button use, there isn’t a time-consuming setup process. The large LCD screen is backlit allowing you to read the results easily. You can also monitor your food through the phone app allowing you to do other things while your food cooks. The Bluetooth monitoring works within 100 feet indoors and 170 feet outdoors.

The Soraken Thermometer also includes preset temperatures as well as eleven different cooking levels to choose from. You can set a temperature range from low to high and set the timer to cook to your preferences. When the time is up, you will see a flash and hear a beep to alert you that your meat is done cooking.

Nice Design
In a random color assortment, you get four probes that actually allow you to monitor different foods at the same time. The probe wire is made with metal braiding and upgraded Teflon that can withstand heat up to 716°F. The thermometer also comes with a strong magnet on its back to allow you to conveniently attach it to a grill or any metal surface.

With the smaller probe size, these slender and short probes are hard to place deep into larger meats like hams and turkeys. Without reaching a deep point in the meat, you can’t get an accurate reading on the area that will need to cook the longest to reach the proper cooking temperature.


  • This is a very easy to set up and use thermometer
  • It features an easy to understand app
  • You can add two more probes if you need them


  • After a couple of months, there can be issues with the app connecting
  • It has a battery back cover design flaw

Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer – Upgraded Stainless Dual Probes Safe to Leave in Outdoor Barbecue Meat Smoker – Wireless Remote Alert iOS Android Phone WiFi App – NutriChef PWIRBBQ80 – Top Pick

Featuring upgraded dual probes, the Smart Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is safe to leave outside in a barbecue meat smoker. It includes a wi-fi app that links to Android and iOS phones. With the Bluetooth feature, you get instant push notifications when the programmed temperature is reached.

With probes that can stand up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit, you don’t have to worry about leaving them inside a grill or oven while your meat cooks. The NutriChef Smart Bluetooth Grill Thermometer also features presets and each of the probes can be adjusted separately in the app. With the 32-inch braided cable, you get plenty of distance away from the heat.

If you want the best results, you need to use an exact temperature. This hassle-free method of checking on your food is super convenient. The compact meat thermometer is easy to insert and set your target temp on.

With a backlit digital LCD screen, you can easily monitor the multi-temperature readings of the six probes. With a battery-operated design, it is very easy to set up and pair with Bluetooth. With a 200-foot outdoor range and 100-foot indoor range, you also get a push message when you venture out of range.

An alarm will notify you when the meat reaches your preferred temperature setting. While you get two probes initially, you can add up to four more for better monitoring of your food.

Range is Lacking
Many users have commented on the ease of use and handy push notifications telling you when the meat has reached the correct temperature. Also, sturdy construction, a large and easy to read LCD display, and preset temps for different types of meat were also a plus.

Issues have come up with inaccurate readings after several uses and an insufficient range. The expected range of 200 feet outdoors isn’t seen by many users, and complaints about customer service about these issues have often been found to be unsatisfactory.


  • Probes are made of stainless steel that can handle high heat
  • You can use up to six probes at one
  • It includes preset alarms


  • It does not support Apple Watch
  • Sensor tends to fail after a few months with occasional use

BBQ Meat Thermometer, Bluetooth Remote Cooking Thermometer, Digital Oven Thermometer with 6 Probe Port for Smoker Grilling (Carrying Case Included) – Best Value

The Uvistare BBQ Meat Thermometer is a Bluetooth remote cooking thermometer that includes a carrying case. With a six probe port, this digital oven thermometer takes away the constant worry of under or overcooking your meat. With a convenient ABS wrap, you also don’t have to worry about messy coils.

Smart App is a Hit
With smart App control, you can see real-time status updates on your foot with 160 feet of the cooking site. There is also an overheating alarm that will let you know when your meat has reached your preferred cooking temperature. The improved probes are made of stainless steel giving you accurate and fast readings.

With the ability to monitor six different foods at the same time, you can also monitor the ambient temperature as you cook. The large LCD display is very easy to read and features a very bright backlight allowing you to see it easily at night.

With advanced Bluetooth technology, you get a reliable and powerful connection. Both probes are high-heat resistant and flame-proof allowing them to be more accurate and read faster. You can set up a total of six probes that comes with preset temperatures that cover 11 different doneness levels that can also be customized to your preferences.

Not Fully Submersible
Some of the general complaints about this product include the fact the probes are not submersible, which can be a problem for cleaning and use with certain types of foods. It is also not an oven friendly product, and the temperature can only be set to Celsius, which can be an issue for those unfamiliar with that temperature setting.


  • Bluetooth works well with good distance
  • Easy to install Android app works well
  • It comes with a large and easy to read panel


  • You can’t place the probe cables in liquid
  • The probes can be off by a few degrees

Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer for Grilling, 150ft Digital Meat Thermometer with Dual probes, Rechargeable Battery, Timer, Alarm, Cooking Smoker Thermometer for Kitchen, Oven, Food – Runner Up

Perfect for grilling, the Inkbird IBT-4XS Bluetooth Wireless BBQ Thermometer features dual probes and a rechargeable battery. With a 150-foot range, this digital meat thermometer comes with a timer and alarm. It works perfectly in an oven or smoker.

Multiple Screen Functions
Featuring both a rotation and magnetic reading screen function, the stainless steel probes allow you to monitor several types of food at the same time. Beginners will also find the countdown clock, range, and alarm easy to use. With a distance of 150 feet, you can keep an eye on your food from anywhere inside your home.

The built-in battery is rechargeable and comes with a convenient USB charging cable. Once charged, the battery can last up to 60 hours. The large LCD screen rotates allowing you to see it clearly from any angle, and it easily pairs with your iPhone or Android.

Other features include alarm when it loses power and when it reaches the set temperature. It also comes with preset values that are saved when it is turned off. And this easy to use thermometer comes with a built-in magnet that can stick to an oven or grill.

A common complaint of the Inkbird is that the range is overstated. You can probably get about 30 feet away before you are disconnected. The probe cables are 4.9 feet long, which is too long if you are doing regular grilling. The cables also tend to get tangled easily, especially when you have to turn the meat over. Otherwise, a large smoker or grillwork perfectly as your thermometer needs to be a distance from the heat and nothing needs to be turned.


  • It is a very accurate and easy to use thermometer
  • Easy to use app lets you know when the heat is too low or too high
  • It is easy to use in the oven or on the barbeque


  • You have to make changes to the thermometer through the app, not the device itself
  • Probes can fail after some use

New MEATER+165ft Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer for the Oven Grill Kitchen BBQ Smoker Rotisserie with Bluetooth and WiFi Digital Connectivity – Also Consider

For use in the oven, smoker, BBQ, or rotisserie, the MEATER Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. With an extended 165 foot range, the MEATER Meat Thermometer is great for outdoor use when you want to monitor your food from a distance. Even if you are in the kitchen, you can feel safe to join your guests while being able to keep an eye on the roast.

Easy Bluetooth Pairing
Any meat can be cooked to perfection with the wireless range performance you get from the MEATER Meat Thermometer. The MEATER app pairs up easily with an Android or iOS device on a tablet or smartphone and can also link up to Alexa. Plus, you can set up custom notification and alerts based on time and temperature.

With the MEATER Meat Thermometer, you get two sensors and one probe. The dual temperature sensors can monitor both external and internal meat temperatures. Using advanced estimator algorithms, the guided cook system helps you through the cooking process so you can plan out your meal timing correctly.

Reviewers appreciated that the product was completely wire-free. They also liked that each of the probes monitored the ambient temperate and the internal meat temperature at the same time. Plus the app could support up to four probes and had features like an advanced estimator algorithm.

Inaccurate Temperatures
Many users felt that the range was fine, but still not what was promised. Other felt that the product didn’t work like they thought it would with several reports of inaccurate ambient temperatures.


  • The app is very easy to use
  • Cooking time estimate which tells you how long to cook
  • Tells when it is ready to come out of the oven
  • It has a nice long range


  • The probe is thicker than you expect
  • The ambient temperature is seldom right

Best Bluetooth Meat Thermometer Buying Guide 2019

Difference Between Wi-Fi vs Bluetooth Meat Thermometers

Even though Wi-Fi thermometers have been around a while, they aren’t the most exciting tool. In comparison, the technology in a Bluetooth enabled thermometer has created an explosion on the market. Since the Bluetooth thermometer includes Wi-Fi connectivity, it’s like taking another step to be able to pair the unit with a tablet or smartphone.

You no longer have to carry around a cumbersome receiver to check your meat or pit temperature. You can now simply check the temps on your phone. Plus, the included apps have other fun features like custom temperature alerts, naming your probes, and temperature graphs.

There are quite a few benefits to a Bluetooth meat thermometer including the app that you install. Every time the company has a new release, apps tend to get better. They address any existing issues and then work them out with the new release. With a normal W-Fi thermometer, it wasn’t possible to change any issues after you bought it.

There are a few downsides in comparison to the Wi-Fi versions including its signal. Since Bluetooth was originally meant to be a low power device, it does not propagate as well as Wi-Fi thermometers do. Plus, they offer less of a range. You have to decide if you would rather have more range or ease of use and new features.

Wi-Fi meat thermometers have a range that really doesn’t vary a lot. It really depends on what materials were used to build individual homes in what type of connection you will have. In comparison, Bluetooth meat thermometers depend heavily on the device they are using the app on as well as where they are standing. This can explain reviews that sometimes give you mixed results on connectivity, since depending on the devices that are used, different people will get different results.

Also, keep in mind that antenna on Bluetooth devices can have a bad placement in different types of phones like a Samsung Galaxy in comparison to the placement on an iPhone. You also have to keep the app running for it to stay connected once it has paired to your phone. If you are cooking for a long time, this can drain your phone battery. The range will also differ depending on different factors, so that 150 feet range you are expecting can drop unexpectedly. Plus, you can lose your connection to your phone through the walls in your house if you aren’t careful.

However, the alarms on the Bluetooth meat thermometer are great for those that like to take a nap during a long cook. Just make sure you plug in your phone so your phone is always running and won’t shut off stopping your notifications.

Considerations When Choosing A Bluetooth Meat Thermometer


Your main thought should involve the probes that come with your Bluetooth meat thermometer. Find out how many probes come with the thermometer and how many channels does the thermometer have. Typically, most Bluetooth meat thermometers come with four-probe channels, but if you do a lot of grilling, you may want more. With more channels, you can monitor the temperature in the pit as well as several pieces of meat instead of just one. Since some thermometers only come with two channels, it’s something to consider as you shop.


Typically, these Bluetooth meat thermometers have pretty high-quality probes. Featuring high accuracy, these probes are usually within one degree of the real temperature. However, some devices are not so accurate and provide poor and inconsistent readings. If you don’t want to deal with these inaccurate and wide-ranging temperatures that can be as much as 40 or 50 degrees off, you will want to check reviews of the products you are considering. Users are pretty honest when it comes to quality and reliability of these thermometers and their probes allowing you to get a device that will give correct temperature readings and excellent food as a result.


Typically, you should get about 150 feet in range on most Bluetooth meat thermometers. This is the range you can expect if you are directly in the line of sight of the unit. It does not take into account walls or anything else that can obstruct the range. Depending on the device, you may get a stronger signal that isn’t as affected by a wall, and you will also find some products that get less than the 150 feet. Make sure to do your homework and read the reviews to see what others are saying about the products you are interested in.

Smart Technology

Obviously, the apps and smart features are what attracted you to the Bluetooth meat thermometer to begin with. With these features, you will often find various presets for different types of meat including pork, chicken, BBQ, and steak. You can usually customize your presets as well to your preferences. Besides maximum and minimum temperature settings, you can also set alerts, notifications, and alarms that will pop up on your phone to let you know when the meat is done or the desired temperature has been reached.

You can also look forward to cooking charts and graphs that allow you to create a log of your grilling and smoking sessions. This enables you to see what may have gone wrong, and you can even export them to review later or to share with friends on social media.

Battery Life

Having your battery die while your meat is cooking is no fun. Check reviews to see what type of battery life the unit has and see if it’s possible to easily replace or recharge the batteries. This will help you estimate exactly how long you have before you need to deal with the battery on the thermometer.


How Does a Bluetooth Thermometer Work?

A Bluetooth meat thermometer has three different parts to it – a transmitter, a cable, and a probe. Inserted into the meat or attached inside of the grill, the probe sends temperature readings through a cable to the transmitter. The transmitter then sends a signal to the receiver, which is typically a table or smartphone.

On the unit is a readout display allowing you to see the temperature when you are standing next to it. Some of the apps allow you to change the settings on the thermometer through your smartphone allowing you to stand a distance away from the grill or oven when you do it.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Bluetooth Thermometer?

Taking advantage of Bluetooth technology, these thermometers are easy to use and use a downloaded app to control the thermometer. It’s that simple to start using to grill meat to the perfect temperature.

The big disadvantage of Bluetooth technology is that you have to be in the line of sight of the thermometer. So, you can’t interfere with the signal by having trees and walls in the way. And also, depending on your smart device, it may not reach that distance, especially if you have several walls in the way.

What is the Difference between Bluetooth and Radio Frequency?

Radio Frequency has a variety of frequencies that range from 3 kHz to 300 GHz. Typically, a Wi-Fi’s signal is only 2.4 GHz. Both a Wi-Fi and radio frequency give you better range and fewer problems with interference than you have when using Bluetooth. In this instance though, you won’t need a lot of distance just far enough that you can socialize or relax, but still close enough to be able to keep an eye on your smoker with Bluetooth.

Your smartphone can also be an issue, especially if it’s an older version. Many online reviews that you see about Bluetooth meat thermometers that aren’t overly positive come from people that use phones that were older and not compatible.

What’s the Best Way to Use a Bluetooth Thermometer?

When looking for the best way to use a Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, make sure there aren’t that many obstacles in between your tablet or smartphone and the grill. It may be necessary to put your phone close to the grill in a place that can avoid any extra walls, but also close enough that you can hear an alarm go off telling you your meat is done.

You also want to turn off any other Bluetooth devices that you may have working nearby to prevent interference. Also, always keep the probe clean as food and dirt build-up can give you false readings that cause your food to be overcooked.

It is easy to check your thermometer’s accuracy by placing it in boiling water or ice water. Keep in mind that cables and probes can wear out, so checking their accuracy periodically is necessary before you start cooking. Also, don’t exceed the maximum temperature of the probes and burn them out, or your food will pay the price by overcooking.

How do You Fix Connection Issues with your Bluetooth Meat Thermometer?

Since you can still have some unreliable connectivity with Bluetooth, you may have to troubleshoot a connection. Since it shares the same frequency as WI-FI, it can be an issue when there are too many devices nearby that are also operating. You can resolve this by turning other devices onto airport mode.

Barriers can also create issues with a weaker signal like the one Bluetooth uses. Plaster, concrete, bulletproof glass, and metal are the worst offenders with brick, plaster, and marble making it difficult to get a signal through. If you have a lot of interference issues, first start by moving your Bluetooth meat thermometer away from any of these materials, especially make sure there are no brick walls between your device and the grill or oven.

You can also try rebooting your router if you are getting a lot of interference with your Wi-Fi. When you do the reboot, there will be a search for a new channel on the station. Pick one that is different than the channel your Bluetooth meat thermometer is trying to use to communicate. You can also try to manually experiment with various channels in your router to see the channel that works the best.

It can also help to move closer to the router and move away from other things like fluorescent lighting and microwaves. Both of these products emit a frequency of 2.4GHz and getting away from them will help improve your Bluetooth connection.


As we have seen, the Bluetooth meat thermometer is a pretty amazing little invention, especially if you do a lot of grilling and enjoy gadgets. All of these Bluetooth meat thermometers can gauge temperature pretty accurately, however, they differ when it comes to features. The Inkbird comes with a rechargeable battery and dual thermometers allowing you to keep track of the meat temperature and the temperature inside the grill. The Uvistare gives you real-time status updates on the app as well as a powerful Bluetooth connection. And the MEATER not only pairs up easily with tablets and smartphones, but it can pair up to Alexa allowing you to roam around the house more as you cook. Which you choose is completely up to your preferences, but we can guarantee you will have a fun time using any of these Bluetooth meat thermometers.

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