Best Gas Grill Under 150 Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

– Best Gas Grill Under 150 Reviews 2019
With cooler weather right around the corner, grilling for the big game or family get together is in season. However, most gas grills on the market like to boast about a litany of features that do not matter too much– except to your wallet. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best gas grill under 150 reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and FAQ, so you know which features are really worth the money. We think the Cuisinart CGG-306 and the MASTER COOK are the best options for different settings, but you have to keep reading to see our best value pick.

– Best Seller
— Cuisinart CGG-306 Professional Tabletop Gas Grill, Two-Burner, Stainless Steel
Cuisinart is almost certainly not the first name that you think of when you think of grills– whether gas grills or not. This is mostly due to the fact that Cuisinart prides itself as a manufacturer of kitchen appliances and accessories rather than outdoor cooking products. That said, Cuisinart does have a great reputation for innovation starting with its introductory product, the first consumer-grade electric food processor. In fact, the Cuisinart founded the company around this singular product in 1973 and maintained its business exclusively through food processors for another decade, demonstrating commitment and dedication. These days, Cuisinart offers a wide range of different products, though they still focus primarily on kitchen appliances. However, the Cuisinart CGG-306 gas grill leads our list as the best seller due to a number of features that take the top position for its class.

Convenient Design
While the Cuisinart is not a perfect gas grill for everyone, it strives to offer one of the best grilling performances in its class. To be clear, this is considered a tabletop grill, though it does stretch the boundaries of most tabletop grills in a couple of ways. One of the nicer qualities of the Cuisinart grill is that most of the relevant components exposed to cooking are made out of stainless steel. While this does carry with it some caveats, it also means that the CGG-306 grill is generally pretty easy to clean. That said, the Cuisinart gas grill is still a fairly lightweight option coming in at only 22 pounds despite being bigger than many other tabletop options. Just as convenient as the lightweight design, the CGG-306 gas grill also features a relatively compact profile. To help you transport the Cuisinart CGG-306 gas grill even easier, it comes with a locking lip that allows you to carry it by the handle.
While the ability to easily transport the Cuisinart grill from one place to another is nice, you also want to make sure it is just as easy to use once you get there. Unlike some of the other tabletop gas grills we found, the CGG-306 gas grill can use a larger fuel source which allows you to cook for longer periods of time. On top of that, this is also one of the few tabletop gas grills we found which uses multiple burners. Connected to the two separate burners are individual knobs which means that you can cook different types of foods at different temperatures at the same time. However, this can make using the integrated temperature gauge a bit tricky to use at it does not provide individual readings for the different burners or sides of the grill.

Good Heat
While the Cuisinart CGG-306 grill does not put out the most heat on our list, it does put out the most heat for a tabletop gas grill. In fact, the Cuisinart gas grill puts out the second most heat we reviewed at 20000 BTUs split evenly between the two burners. While this may not seem like that much compared to some of the other, larger grills on the market, this is more than enough for a tabletop gas grill. In fact, the Cuisinart gas grill is actually able to reach preheating temperatures of up to 700 degrees. However, you will want to make sure that you do not allow the CGG-306 grill to maintain those temperatures for extended periods of time as the knobs are noted for melting if you do. Still, this intense heat should not be too much of an issue considering it only takes a few minutes for the Cuisinart gas grill to reach cooking temperature.
One thing to keep in mind about the Cuisinart propane grill is that the stainless steel construction on all of the relevant components makes heat retention a bit tougher than grills using mild steel. On top of that, the Cuisinart CGG-306 grill is also one of the few on our list which does not coat any of the surfaces in porcelain or another heat-retaining substance. While this is not terrible for the body, it is definitely a bit disappointing for the grates– though it does not seem to have much impact on the total cooking heat. On the other hand, this is easily one of the better tabletop gas grills we reviewed when cooking for larger parties. It offers the largest cooking area in a tabletop grill that we saw at 275 sq in, and the two-burner system even provides the option of using half of the grill as a warming rack if needed.

— Pros
Puts out 20000 BTUs
Is a lightweight gas grill
Is a portable gas grill
Has a 275 sq in cooking area
Gets hotter than most
Is easy to use

— Cons
Is a more expensive gas grill
Can get too hot

– Top Pick
— MASTER COOK Classic Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 3 Burner with Folding Table, Black
MASTER COOK is definitely a bit different from the other companies on our list, not in the least because it is actually a brand of the Shinerich Industrial company. Chances are you have not heard too terribly much about MASTER COOK which only makes sense when you consider the brand has been around for about 20 years. That said, Shinerich does specialize exclusively in outdoor gas fire products which includes both grills and heaters. Still, the basic engineering is the same which provides MASTER COOK a wealth of focused experience to draw from. On top of that, the overwhelming majority of Shinerich’s products are gas grills or gas grill accessories. Regardless, the main reason that we rated the MASTER COOK gas grill as our top pick is that it tops our list in virtually all meaningful categories while still providing a decent build to back it up.

Standard Grill
One of the first things you might notice about the MASTER COOK gas grill compared to the other options on our list is that this is a standard type of grill. Rather than focusing on a compact profile and lightweight design, the MASTER COOK offers everything you need for hosting a small gathering of friends and family in the comfort of your own backyard. While the MASTER COOK grill is still reasonably portable for certain circumstances, it is still the least portable gas grill on our list. This is only made more troublesome with the fact that the MASTER COOK gas grill only features 2 wheels– though this does allow for easier movement while still retaining plenty of stability.
On top of that, the standard grill design of the MASTER COOK also allows for features none of the tabletop methods can provide. First and foremost of these are the steel shelves that provide ample space to hold prepped and cooked food as well as any cooking implements you might be using at the time. These shelves also fold down to the sides of the grill to make storing it much easier and take up less space. Even better, the standard grill design also allows the MASTER COOK gas grill to provide far more cooking space than any of the others that we reviewed as well as better cooking stations too. For example, the MASTER COOK grill easily tops our list with a 340 sq in cooking area that is nearly 25-percent larger than the next closest competitor. To further complement that large cooking area, the MASTER COOK gas grill also sports the largest warming rack reviewed 133 sq in which is 33-percent larger than its next closest competitor.

Great Heat
As with most standard grills compared to tabletop grills, the MASTER COOK gas grill is able to generate a significant amount of heat. It accomplishes this with 3 stainless steel burners that put out 10000 BTUs a piece for a total of 30000 BTUs which makes the MASTER COOK the hottest grill on our list. However, a standard grill often carries with it some potential issues that tabletop grills do not in regards to heat retention. To make sure this is not an issue, the MASTER COOK gas grill uses mild steel as opposed to stainless steel, ensuring that the grill retains heat better than most. To be fair, this does mean that the MASTER COOK grill is not quite as easy to clean as some of the other options on our list.
That said, the MASTER COOK grill is not content to simply rely on mild steel for their heat retention. In order to give the body a little bit more of a convection quality to it, the MASTER COOK gas grill coats both the lid and the firebox in porcelain. When you combine the heat retaining properties of the porcelain coating with the mild steel, you get one of the hottest gas grills even in colder, windy conditions. This also makes cleaning the MASTER COOK a bit easier, though not quite as easy as stainless steel gas grills. The MASTER COOK gas grill splits the difference when it comes to other aspects of heat retention though. To point, this grill uses wire stainless steel grates that are not known for the best heat retention. However, the MASTER COOK grates are coated with porcelain, both in the main cooking area and on the warming rack, to provide a more even cooking temperature and assist with a quick and easy cleanup.

— Pros
Has a 340 sq in cooking area
Has a 133 sq in warming rack
Puts out 30000 BTUs
Has porcelain-coated grates
Has a porcelain-coated body
Shelves fold for storage

— Cons
Is a more expensive gas grill
Is a less portable gas grill

– Best Value
— Cuisinart CGG-059, Grillster 8,000 BTU Portable Gas Grill
Cuisinart makes another appearance on our list with a seemingly similar product, but they actually place their focus quite differently this time. While the Cuisinart CGG-059 is indeed another tabletop gas grill, it does not necessarily aspire to be the most powerful tabletop gas grill on the market. However, by trading in a little bit of its power, the Cuisinart CGG-059 is able to offer its customers something else altogether: portability. It also does not hurt that by eschewing some of the more powerful components, the Cuisinart CGG-059 gas grill also comes in as one of the less expensive options we reviewed and earns our best value spot.

Decent Heat
To be clear, this Cuisinart gas grill will not blow you away with its heat, but neither should you find the heat to be lacking. This is largely due to the single stainless steel burner that is still able to put out 8000 BTUs, though this is a bit on the low side. However, the CGG-059 gas grill accounts for this with a somewhat unique design that helps trap heat. Specifically, this is the only gas grill we reviewed which utilizes a special 3-walled design to help retain heat. Granted, the fact that it is primarily made of stainless steel does reduce this heat retention a bit, but it is still able to get up to a blistering 600-degrees. A big reason why the Cuisinart CGG-059 gas grill can still achieve these high temperatures is due to the porcelain coating on the interior of the body as well as the firebox. In order to make sure that the food cooks evenly, the Grillster gas grill also makes it a point to include porcelain-coated grates– even if they are stainless steel.

Okay Build
On the surface, it would seem as though the Cuisinart Grillster gas grill offers one of the better builds on our list. For one, it is by far the lightest gas grill that we reviewed coming in at a svelte 10 pounds with only one other gas grill even coming close to that. On top of that, the 3-walled design allows the CGG-059 Grillster gas grill to provide an incredibly portable design. Specifically, the hood, which opens completely to allow for easy access to all of your food, also locks in place when not in use. This allows you to use the hood’s handle to carry the lightweight Cuisinart gas grill anywhere you want to go with ease. The main problem with this design is that it restricts the cooking area as the Cuisinart gas grill only provides 146 sq in. On top of that, the push-start ignition should be incredibly convenient, but it is noted for being extremely fragile and failing from just regular use. Also like other Cuisinart tabletop gas grills, the Grillster grill can have issues with melting components if you leave it at too high of a temperature for too long.

— Pros
Is a less expensive gas grill
Is a lightweight gas grill
Is a portable gas grill
Has a porcelain-coated body
Puts out 8000 BTUs
Is easy to use

— Cons
Has a poor ignition system
Has the smallest cooking area

– Runner Up
— Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow PT300B Propane Grill, Tabletop (Newer Version)
Smoke Hollow is another company that has only been around for a couple of decades, but they do at least specialize in outdoor cooking products. In fact, Smoke Hollow might offer the widest range of different types of grills, not just gas grills, out of any company we reviewed. That said, it seems like Smoke Hollow aims to offer higher-end features at a lower end cost which will necessarily come with some cut corners. While this is not always a bad approach, it really depends on which corners you cut, and the Smoke Hollow gas grill cut the wrong corners in our opinion.

Okay Build
Though it might look a bit conventional from a tabletop gas grill profile, the Smoke Hollow Masterbuilt gas grill definitely spices things up. For instance, this tabletop gas grill has the second-largest cooking area on our list at 205 sq in but goes a step further by also offering a 100 sq in warming rack– making it the only tabletop gas grill on our list to do so. Much like other tabletop grilling options, the PT300B gas grill is relatively lightweight at only 21 pounds. It also features a fairly compact profile despite its larger cooking area and is easily carried by a single person. Not only does the lid lock to make carrying the Masterbuilt gas grill easier, but the legs also collapse too. The primary issue with the build of the Smoke Hollow PT300B gas grill is the push-start ignition system which is noted for failing from regular use.

Iffy Cooking
While the questionable ignition system is an issue, the Smoke Hollow gas grill does not seem to have the same regulator problem that some other push-start tabletop grills do and can be lit with matches or a stick lighter. That would potentially make this a great value were it not for another major problem, one that cannot be ignored. Specifically, the Smoke Hollow Masterbuilt gas grill is one of the more unevenly cooking grills that we reviewed. This is all the more surprising considering that the PT300B gas grill features a stainless steel burner that puts out 10000 BTUs. To be fair, part of this might be the fault of the burner’s “U” design which can lead to uneven heat distribution. However, another contributor to the Smoke Hollow gas grill’s uneven cooking is almost certainly a lack of porcelain coating, relying on chrome instead.

— Pros
Is a less expensive gas grill
Is a lightweight gas grill
Is a portable gas grill
Has a 205 sq in cooking area
Has a 100 sq in warming rack
Puts out 10000 BTUs

— Cons
Has a poor ignition system
Does not cook evenly

– Also Consider
— Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill, ONE Size, Black
Anyone with a grilling history might be a bit surprised to see Weber so far down on our list if for no other reason than the company’s history. Weber is actually the oldest company we reviewed with a history that stretches back to 1952. On top of that, Weber is one of the main innovators of the outdoor cooking market as the creator of the original kettle grill to allow for charcoal grilling in windy conditions. To be fair, this is not a poorly performing gas grill, but it just does not wow in any meaningful way either. Still, it is by far one of the least expensive options that we reviewed and reasonably reliable as well.

Okay Design
The Weber Go-Anywhere gas grill was once considered one of the best options for a portable grill. It is extremely lightweight at only 14 ½ pounds and features a reasonably compact profile, but this is a newer model. To be fair, the innovations do help to provide a better cooking surface that is semi-solid and provide 160 sq in. Unfortunately, this also makes the Weber gas grill’s grate that much more difficult to clean, even with a porcelain coating. On top of that, the Go-Anywhere gas grill removed the flavorizer plate that came with the older model– much to many customers’ disapproval. Thankfully, the old flavorizer and grates fit this grill and can be optionally purchased, but that will increase the price of an otherwise inexpensive gas grill.

Questionable Heat
The main reason that we put the Weber gas grill at the end of our list has to do with its heat– or lack thereof. For one, the Go-Anywhere gas grill only has a single burner that puts out 6500 BTUs which is by far the lowest on our list. To be fair, the Weber Go-Anywhere grill does attempt to account for this in a couple of ways. One of the biggest means of accounting for the cooler burner is the inclusion of porcelain coating. While the grates are made out of stainless steel, they also include porcelain-coating to provide even cooking. In order to make sure that none of the heat generated leaves too quickly, the Weber gas grill also coats the interior of the lid and the firebox in porcelain too. Still, with a lid that also serves as half of the walls, this will only retain heat to a degree when checking on the food.

— Pros
Is a less expensive gas grill
Is a lightweight gas grill
Is a portable gas grill
Has a 160 sq in cooking area
Has porcelain-enameled grates
Has a porcelain-enameled body

— Cons
Puts out the least BTUs
Not the easiest to clean

– Best Gas Grill Under 150 Buying Guide 2019
— Heat
With any grill, the heat is one of the most important aspects as it ultimately determines how quickly and well your food cooks. From a general perspective, the heat rating is given in BTUs, or British thermal units, but this does not tell the whole story. For one, the number of burners that the gas grill uses to generate the heat also plays an important role. For instance, a grill with two burners putting out 12000 BTUs each might be able to cook better than a grill with 3 burners putting out 10000 BTUs each– even though the second grill puts out 6000 more BTUs total.
On top of that, a number of gas grills also make it a point to use materials that aid in retaining heat. While the base material is important, it is almost always some kind of steel– with mild steel retaining heat better than stainless steel. However, a number of grill manufacturers will attempt to enhance their grill’s heat-retaining capabilities further by coating the interior of the grill with porcelain.

— Type
While there is actually a multitude of different types of grill available, gas grills under 150 have a tendency to come in one of two types: standard and tabletop. Both of these types have their advantages and flaws with neither being the outright best type of gas grill for all people. That said, where and how you intend to use your gas grill will heavily influence which is the right type of grill for you.

— Standard – This is the most common type of grill most people think of and is noted for its large boxy shape. Unlike tabletop gas grills, standard gas grills are more often made from materials outside of stainless steel. This type of grill has a distinct advantage when it comes to useable space as they will regularly include shelves, additional cooking stations, and even extra storage. However, standard gas grills are also generally more expensive than most of their tabletop competitors.

— Tabletop – While not exactly the “norm,” tabletop gas grills are gaining in prominence rather quickly. These gas grills are quite often less expensive than their standard counterparts, but some of the high-end tabletop gas grills rival their standard competitors in terms of price. Tabletop gas grills often pride themselves on being convenient and are usually made out of stainless steel. While this material does not retain heat quite as well as mild steel, it is generally much easier to clean.

— Grates
Outside of the heat generated and the type of grill, the grates are likely the next most important aspect to consider. To be fair, most cheap gas grills use stainless steel grates as this is significantly less expensive than the superior cast-iron. While stainless steel does not retain heat nearly as well not cook as evenly as cast-iron, it is much easier to clean. In order to account for stainless steel’s inferior heat retention, many manufacturers will coat their stainless steel grates in porcelain to increase its heat retention and provide more even cooking.

– FAQ’s
Why a Gas Grill?
Easily one of the main reasons for using a gas grill is that it offers an all-around good cooking experience. While natural gas grills might be less expensive in the long run, they also require a dedicated natural gas line. Electric grills might offer an inexpensive fuel source that is an outlet away, but they also have a tendency to not cook quite as well as grills that use a flame. All of the grills we reviewed use propane which might be a bit more expensive and a little less convenient but also offers the ability to be used virtually anywhere and still provide a solid grilling experience.

Which Type of Gas Grill?
When it comes to choosing a type of gas grill, you need to understand for what and where you intend to use the grill. For example, if you expect to do a lot of grilling away from home, then a tabletop gas grill will probably serve you better than a standard model. While most standard models offer modest features to help move the grill around your home a bit easier, few of them can be packed up and picked up as easily as a tabletop gas grill. On the other hand, tabletop gas grills are often limited by their size in terms of the primary cooking specs.
In this instance, few tabletop gas grills can really keep up with a solid standard grill in terms of heat. This often applies to both the initial heat generation from the burners as well as from the all-around heat retention– not least of which because few tabletop gas grills are made of cast-iron or mild steel. On top of that, tabletop gas grills are almost necessarily small to make them easier to transport. While that is a nice feature, it also has a tendency to limit the total cooking size and number of cooking stations the grill can provide. A standard grill will almost always have a larger general cooking area and will usually come with a warming rack as well– a feature not often seen on a tabletop gas grill.

What to Look for?
As already alluded to, making sure your gas grill can get to and maintain proper heat is paramount. That said, there are a number of tabletop grills that can get plenty hot and even retain heat reasonably well. Granted, you generally need to have a bit more experience grilling to avoid releasing too much heat by constantly checking on the food, but an experienced griller can get by with the heat generated by most of the gas grills we reviewed.
That said, you will still definitely want to make sure that your grill uses porcelain-coating as much as possible. While this increases the ability of the gas grill to retain heat, it also has the bonus of making the grill easier to clean too. While this may be a bit overkill for stainless steel grills which are already relatively easy to clean, it helps protect the steel from weathering effects further too.

– Conclusion
Ultimately, the best gas grill under 150 will really depend on the setting and circumstances– not to mention your patience. If you want a standard grill that is also less expensive, the MASTER COOK offers the largest cooking space and hottest burners. Of course, if you do not need quite so much space and want something smaller, the Cuisinart CGG-306 is a great option. For our best value, another Cuisinart, the CGG-059 might be the most portable with its integrated carrying handle. The Masterbuilt does an admirable job trying to blend the features of a standard and tabletop grill but could use a bit of tuning. Finally, the Weber was once the standard in this niche market, but a change to the grates drops it a bit for many people.

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