Best Grill Brush Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

– Best Grill Brush Reviews 2019
Grilling is arguably one of the oldest methods for preparing food in human history and still enjoys popularity due to the delicious flavor that it adds. However, that flavor can become compromised if the grill gets dirty, and especially dirty grills can even become a safety hazard. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best grill brush reviews of 2019. We also provide a helpful buyer’s guide and extended FAQ, so you can find the best grill brush for your needs. We think that the Kona and GRILLART are the best options for most people, but you have to keep reading to see our best value.

– Best Seller
— Kona Safe/Clean Grill Brush – Bristle Free BBQ Grill Brush – 100% Rust Resistant Stainless Steel Barbecue Cleaner – Safe For Porcelain, Ceramic, Steel, Cast Iron – Great Grilling Accessories Gift
Kona is an interesting company in that they are one of the few on our list that has a fairly extensive reputation. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that Kona has only been around for about half a decade. On top of that, the company started explicitly as a maker of high-end grilling accessories that sought to fix problems larger manufacturers overlooked. That said, the company’s success has allowed them to expand their product lineups, and they no longer specialize exclusively in grilling accessories. Still, Kona continues to evolve and push their products forward, leading to us naming the Kona 360 Clean grill brush our best seller.

Solid Build
One of the more noteworthy qualities of the Kona grill brush is that feels far more stable than most of its competitors. To be clear, most of the brushes we reviewed are reasonably durable, but they do not always feel that sturdy in your hands. Thankfully, this is not an issue for the 360 Clean grill brush which can accommodate far more pressure than most of the other brushes we reviewed. This solid build is further reinforced with the use of stainless steel for both the brush as well as the shaft. While the Kona 360 Clean grill brush might seem similar to many other options on our list, it is also noted for lasting longer with the brush not falling apart, even after extensive use.

Good Design
Depending on your familiarity with grill brushes, the Kona grill brush might look a little bit different. That is because the 360 Clean grill brush uses a bristle-free design which is actually safer than bristle brushes. While bristle brushes are not truly that dangerous for someone taking their time, they do still have a tendency to shed their bristles, especially after extensive use. Thankfully, the bristle-free design of the Kona grill brush prevents that from being an issue while the strong build also prevents the wire from coming loose. The only thing that really holds the Kona 360 Clean grill brush back is that it does not have a scraper.

— Pros
Is a bristle-free brush
Has an 18” long handle
Has a stainless steel brush
Has a more rigid brush
Is more durable than most
Has a 360-degree brush head

— Cons
Is a more expensive grill brush
Does not have a scraper

– Top Pick
— GRILLART Grill Brush and Scraper Best BBQ Brush for Grill, Safe 18″ Stainless Steel Woven Wire 3 in 1 Bristles Grill Cleaning Brush for Weber Gas/Charcoal Grill, Gifts for Grill Wizard Grate Cleaner
GRILLART is likely not the most popular or well-known company on our list, but that is in part because it was founded just a few years ago. That said, the company really seems to know what is doing, though this might be because they specialize exclusively in grilling accessories. This allows GRILLART to place the proper amount of attention on their products to see what works and what needs to be improved. While not a perfect product by any measure, we found the GRILLART grill brush to offer one of the best all-around performances while still coming in a tad cheaper than some of the other high-end grill brushes leading it to be named our top pick.

Great Performance
While it may not seem like it at first, when choosing a grill brush you generally have to balance the ease and effectiveness with the design. When it comes to the GRILLART grill brush, the company opted for providing one of the more effective grill brushes we came across. A big part of this has to do with the fact that the GRILLART grill brush uses a bristle design, but not the standard approach. Instead of a flat base with bristles sticking out of it, the GRILLART uses woven stainless steel wires to thread their bristles. This provides the GRILLART grill brush a 360-degree design that most bristle-free grill brushes offer with the superior scrubbing power of a bristle brush.

Good Build
While the bristle brush of the GRILLART grill brush might make cleaning between grate openings a lot easier, it is still prone to shedding bristles— especially after extended use or when applying significant pressure. However, the GRILLART grill brush is still fairly easy to use as it comes with an 18” long handle that allows you to keep your hands safe while cleaning a hot grill. On top of that, the handle has a non-slip quality, so you do not have to worry about water or steam causing it to slip from your grasp. Even better than that, the GRILLART grill brush also has one of the largest brushes that we reviewed, further increasing its cleaning effectiveness.

— Pros
Has a larger brush
Has a scraper
Has an 18” long handle
Has a non-slip handle
Has a stainless steel brush
Has a 360-degree brush head

— Cons
Will shed bristles
Scraper can block the edges

– Best Value
— Stainless Steel Grill Scraper BBQ Barbecue Brushes Effective Cleaning for BBQ Grate Grills Griddle Cleaner Include S-Hook – Safer Than a Wire Brush-Stocking Stuffer Ideas, Deep Gray
Sanfee is a bit difficult to gauge in a large part because the company does not have much of an online presence. Though, it is probably reasonable to assume that the company is fairly new due to their relative anonymity combined with their small catalog. That said, Sanfee does have the advantage of specializing exclusively in this scraper grill brush alone. Aside from the fact that this allows Sanfee to place all of its attention on this grill brush, it means they are betting their success on its quality.

Different Design
While most of the grill brushes on this list are genuine brushes, the Sanfee grill brush actually takes a different approach. Rather than using bristles or spun wire, the Sanfee grill brush uses a complex scraper design to clean grills. While you could argue that this technically means the Sanfee is not a brush, we think that its numerous notches allow it to sit on the fence. Though, you could argue that the Sanfee is at least as safe as a more traditional bristle-free grill brush.

Decent Cleaning
As more of a scraper, one thing that the Sanfee grill brush will demand is time as it cannot as effortlessly slide across the grate. However, the Sanfee grill brush does at least offer not only numerous cleaning notches but numerous types of cleaning notches too. While the Sanfee grill brush provides the standard circular and v-shaped notches, it also offers different sizes of circular notch to fit different grates too.

— Pros
Is a less expensive grill brush
Is made of 304 stainless steel
Is a bristle-free brush
Has multiple types of notches
Has a bottle opener
Comes with a hook

— Cons
Has a short handle
Takes more time to clean

– Runner Up
— Alpha Grillers Grill Brush Bristle Free. Best Safe BBQ Cleaner with Extra Wide Scraper. Perfect 18 Inch Stainless Steel Tools for All Grill Types, Including Weber. Ideal Barbecue Accessories
While it may not seem like it, Alpha Grillers is actually one of the older and more experienced companies on our list. Granted, it has only been around for a couple of years longer than most of the competition, but they still have a pretty good reputation. On top of that, Alpha Grillers specializes primarily in grilling accessories, though they do make a few kitchen accessories as well. While this is definitely not the best grill brush on our list, it is still a less expensive option that can handle some light duty.

Okay Performance
One of the main issues with the Alpha Grillers grill brush is that, as a bristle-free design, it does not get in between grate openings all that well. However, unlike more expensive bristle-free grill brushes, the Alpha Grillers grill brush is not the sturdiest either. This means that the Alpha Grillers grill brush is best used for light cleaning where you do not need to apply too much force. On the positive side, this is the only bristle-free grill brush that we reviewed which also comes with a scraper. Even better, the scraper is shorter than on most grill brushes, allowing you to clean in the corners of the grill without having to remove the grate.

— Pros
Is a less expensive grill brush
Is a bristle-free brush
Has a scraper
Has a 17” long handle
Has a stainless steel brush
Is easy to clean

— Cons
Has difficulty getting between grates
Not the most durable wire

– Also Consider
— Barbecue Grill Brush and Scraper – Extended, Large Wooden Handle and Stainless Steel Bristles – No Scratch Cleaning for Any Grill: Char Broil & Ceramic – BBQ-Aid
BBQ-Aid is another company with little information available with a website that has apparently lapsed. Though, they do specialize in grilling accessories that seem to follow similar design approaches to other popular products. On top of that, they also offer a reasonable number of different grilling products that all seem to provide good performance. That said, the BBQ-Aid brush grill seems to make some major missteps with the construction of this option.

Iffy Build
From the outset, the BBQ-Aid grill brush is not a terrible product with a traditional bristle type of brush. While this does mean that the bristles are prone to shedding, it also means that it can clean in between the grate openings easier too. This is also the only grill brush on our list that uses a wooden handle which is both attractive and effective. Unfortunately, the BBQ-Aid grill brush should only be used when cleaning cold grills as the bristles are held in place with plastic that is known to melt under higher temperatures. It is also worth noting that the bristles themselves are not that stiff and have a tendency to bend flat when you apply too much pressure. That said, the brush is a good size, and the BBQ-Aid grill brush also has a decent scraper that still allows tight fits.

— Pros
Has a wooden handle
Has a 15” long handle
Has a stainless steel brush
Has a scraper
Has a good-sized brush
Is a bristle brush

— Cons
Is a more expensive grill brush
The brush is not the most durable (sheds, soft)

– Best Grill Brush Buying Guide 2019
— Type
It might seem a bit odd for what you might expect to be a basic type of product, but there are actually a few different types of grill brushes. To be fair, this is not inherently the most important quality in terms of overall cleaning performance, but it is important depending on how extensively you want to clean your grill. Basically, no type is inherently better than the other with each one offering benefits the others do not but also have their own issues. The two main types of grill brushes are bristle and bristle-free, but the scraper grill brush offers a slightly different approach.

— Bristle – This is the original and more traditional type of grill brush, though that does not mean this type of grill brush remains static. In fact, there are a couple of different designs within the bristle grill brush group, but they all ostensibly do the same thing. Regardless of the design, a bristle grill brush functions similarly to any other kind of brush with bristles extending from a base. The bristles act to remove grease and carbon deposits both on the surface as well as in between the grate openings. This is generally one of the more effective and easier types of grill brushes to use, but it will also often be one of the less durable— especially in regards to the brush itself.

— Bristle-Free – While nowhere near the most common type of grill brush, the bristle-free grill brush is quickly gaining in popularity, if not outright prominence, with bristle grill brushes. The main advantage of a bristle-free grill brush is that you do not have to worry about bristles coming off of the brush and staying on your grill. This is important because grill brush bristles can actually get in the food you grill and then cause serious issues if eaten. To be fair, it is not like it is especially difficult to remove shed bristles from a grill, but it can be difficult to see them. While the bristle-free grill brush eliminates this issue, it often does so at the expense of its overall cleaning ability. Specifically, bristle-free grill brushes have a much tougher time cleaning the openings in between grates, though there are some designs that attempt to alleviate this problem.

— Scraper – The scraper grill brush is definitely the least common and most unusual type of grill brush if for nothing else than the fact that it is not really a brush in the standard sense at all. In fact, a scraper grill brush is probably better understood as a specialized type of scraper without any scrubbing capability at all. However, a scraper grill brush is different than a standard scraper in that it will usually have a specialized design that allows it to more effectively clean a grill than a basic scraper. This will differ depending on the scraper grill brush, but some of them provide the ability to clean a wide range of different grills all at once. While scraper grill brushes are great for cleaning especially dirty grills, they do have a tendency to take longer to use. On top of that, many scraper grill brushes are also not ideal for cleaning a hot grill, depending on their handle. While this is not the best type of grill brush for general purposes, a scraper grill brush is good to have even alongside a more traditional grill brush.

— Material
This is actually one of the more important considerations, but thankfully there is a fairly standard approach with grill brushes. Basically, most grill brushes will use the same materials, though there can be some minor tweaks in how those materials are used. All of these materials are effective for their given purpose, but it is important to note that not all manufacturers apply these materials in the proper arrangement. Keep in mind that a material used in the wrong way can lead to a less effective or less durable grill brush.

— Stainless Steel – This is almost an expected material to be used for grill brushes of different types and designs and for a number of different parts or components. Most obviously, stainless steel is used for the actual brush or a grill brush, whether it is a bristle, bristle-free, or scraper grill brush. In terms of alternative materials for the brush, you can find nylon brushes, but they are nowhere near as effective or durable— not to mention they can only clean cold grills. That said, many grill brushes will also stainless steel for the shaft of the brush and potentially even the handle. Stainless steel is a strong material that can handle both high temperatures as well as water. On top of that, stainless steel is fairly lightweight while still offering some flexibility, though this depends on the type of stainless steel used.

— Wood – Though there are some scrapers out there that use this material more broadly, wood is generally meant to be used for the handle. Wood offers an attractive alternative to metal or synthetic materials without sacrificing too much in other respects. For example, wood is a fairly lightweight material that is also still durable, though it does not necessarily respond as well to hotter temperatures or the elements as stainless steel does. On the other hand, wooden handles do a good job of dissipating the heat from a stainless steel shaft without the risk of melting or loosening.

— Plastic – Plastic might seem like an odd material to use around a grill, especially a hot grill, but it really depends on the context. For example, if your grill brush uses plastic near the bristles or any other part that will be exposed to hotter temperatures, that is not an ideal design. On the other hand, there are numerous types of plastic, some of when are more heat-resistant than others. This is especially beneficial for the handle where the plastic is less likely to be exposed to the hotter temperatures of the grill. While the harder plastics used for a grill brush’s handle are not always the best at dissipating heat, they usually offer some anti-slip qualities. On top of that, plastic is fairly cheap and lightweight, though it is definitely the least durable material used.

– FAQ’s
Why Choose a Grill Brush?
This might seem like a silly question since a grill brush is obviously used to clean a grill, but there are some caveats to this consideration. For example, grill brushes are not actually meant to be used for cleaning the entire grill, generally only the grates. While some grill brushes might offer additional versatility, there is still a wide range of different parts and components that should not be cleaned with a grill brush. For example, if you have a gas grill, you should not use a standard grill brush to clean the burners and should instead use a smaller wire brush.
Aside from the fact that a grill brush is usually too large and unwieldy to be used on the burners, it is unlikely to be that effective and could potentially deposit grease in the burner which could cause a much bigger problem later on. On the other hand, other components of a grill, like the flavorizer bars if your grill has them, might be cleanable with a grill brush. However, that could very well depend on the kind of grill brush you have and the arrangement of the flavorizer bars. One of the main things to keep in mind is that a grill brush is not meant to be the only tool you use to clean your grill. It is simply meant to make cleaning the grates and potentially some other similar components easier.

How to Use a Grill Brush?
It might seem fairly obvious how you use a grill brush, but there are a number of different nuances that can heavily impact how effectively a grill brush cleans. Some of these are directly related to the construction of the grill brush itself, but others are focused on the kind of technique used. In fairness, most people want a grill brush that is easy to use, but many grill brushes will require a bit more involvement to get the best results.
In terms of technique that applies for most grill brushes, you are going to want to get the grates a bit hot. Depending on the type of grill you have, this might impact when you should clean to grill with wood or charcoal grills needing to be cleaned shortly after you finish cooking the food. The alternative to that approach would be to actually burn more wood or charcoal just for the purpose of cleaning the grill. While this may seem a bit inconvenient either way, it is generally the easiest way to get the best results.
Once the grill is hot, though it does not actually need to be cooking temperature hot, you should add a little bit of water to the grill brush. Generally, you will want to dip the grill brush in a bowl or other receptacle of water, though you can conceivably spritz water onto the grill directly. The main point is that the heat will help loosen some of the grease and carbon deposits while the water will further loosen the gunk as it turns to steam on the hot grates.
Keep in mind that incredibly tough or baked-on grease and carbon deposits may not come off with a simple brushing, no matter what kind of grill brush you use. If you use your grill multiple times before cleaning it, chances are you will need to go through a far more extensive cleaning process. On top of that, when your grill is exceptionally dirty, it might even require the use of cleaning products, but not all brushes are made for that purpose.
Beyond the common basics, the next thing to consider is the type of grill brush you are using as that will also often impact how you should use it. For example, the bristle-free grill brush is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that you do not have to worry about it shedding bristles. However, this comes with its own issue in that a bristle-free grill brush generally has a more difficult time getting in between the openings of a grate.
Of course, the actual design of the bristle-free brush will impact this too, but there really is no getting around the fact that bristle brushes have a tendency to clean the openings of a grate better than a bristle-free grill brush. On top of that, a bristle-free grill brush will also require you to flip the grate over where certain bristle grill brushes may not. Granted, you should generally flip the grate over and clean the bottom as well anyway, but some bristle grill brushes make this easier.
It is also worth noting that while a scraper can be incredibly convenient for getting rid of baked-on carbon deposits, it can actually make cleaning the grill a bit more difficult. Specifically, if the scraper extends too far past the brush itself, you will need to either clean the grate outside of its position on the grill or get a different tool. Cleaning the grate outside of its spot on the grill can be a bit difficult since it will often be unbalanced.

What to Look for?
While the various features and qualities of your grill brush will impact how you clean your grill and how much of your grill you can clean with it, the things to look for depend a bit on what you expect. For example, the bristle vs bristle-free grill brush debate might seem straightforward in the sense that a bristle-free grill brush is technically safer, but that applies more if you only want to put in the minimal amount of effort cleaning your grill. Many people are more than happy to go back over their grill’s grates and remove any bristles left by their grill brush in order to have an easier time cleaning in between the grate openings.
One thing that generally makes cleaning a grill easier, regardless of other factors, is the inclusion of a scraper. While it is possible to get by cleaning your grill with a brush that does not have a scraper, you will definitely want one when it is necessary or else spend a lot more time and energy trying to clean baked-on carbon deposits. Though, this can actually be impacted by how regularly you clean your grill as cleaning it before and after every use can help prevent that kind of build-up in the first place. Another quality that is generally good for most grill brushes to have is a large brush as this will significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend cleaning the grill. However, this can differ depending on what type of cleaning your grill needs, for both extensive and light cleaning purposes.

– Conclusion
As we can see, grill brushes are a bit more complicated than it might at first seem, and the best option will depend on how much cleaning you are willing to do. The Kona is by far one of the more durable and sturdy grill brushes, but it is also a bit more expensive and requires a few more steps. The GRILLART offers arguably one of the best cleaning performances that we found, but it also has a tendency to shed its bristles. The Sanfee is definitely the most unique grill brush that we reviewed, but it is better understood as a specialized scraper. The Alpha Grillers provides a bristle-free brush with a scraper, but it is not as durable as some of the other options. Finally, the BBQ-Aid provides a traditional grill brush experience and does a good job cleaning, but it also sheds bristles and is not the most durable.

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