Best Grilling Basket Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

– Best Grilling Basket Reviews 2019
Grilling is a great way to enjoy food with a group or just your family while imparting the savory flavors of smoke and fire. Unfortunately, not all types of food are as easy to cook directly on the grill’s grates as others, especially smaller pieces of food. That is why we put together a list of the 5 best grilling basket reviews of 2019. We also provide a thorough buyer’s guide and helpful FAQ, so you can pick the best grilling basket for your needs. We found the Weber and Cuisinart to be the best option for most people, but you have to keep reading to see our best value pick.

– Best Seller
— Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket, 6434
Out of all the companies we reviewed, Weber is definitely the most well-known and prestigious. In fact, Weber is one of the first companies to enter the consumer outdoor cooking market with its innovative kettle grill that prevented ash from being blown onto food during windy days. These days, Weber still enjoys a great reputation for making some of the best grills on the market, though they do not specialize in grilling accessories. However, out of all the different options on our list, the Weber Deluxe grilling basket might be the best-performing of the group, likely a big part of why it made our best-seller spot.

Slightly Different
Though many grilling baskets feature a number of the same qualities, the Weber 6434 grilling basket it does offer some slight differences. For example, the Weber grilling basket uses a wok type of design that allows you to cook plenty of food all at once. However, unlike most of the other wok grilling baskets on our list, the 6434 grilling basket uses perforated slits as opposed to perforated holes. In terms of the benefits, this actually allows you to cook even smaller bits of food in the Weber Deluxe grilling basket than most of their competitors. On top of that, the Weber grilling basket also transfers heat better than most of the other options on our list. However, the slitted perforations to restrict some of the fire and smoke flavor that can infuse into the food.

Good Build
Another thing that can be difficult to compare just by looking at a grilling basket is the quality of its build. Thankfully, the Weber Deluxe 6434 grilling basket uses the thickest gauge of stainless steel out of any other product on our list. Aside from the fact that this assists with its superior heat transfer, it also helps prevent the Weber grilling basket from warping under higher temperatures. Though, it is worth noting that this is one of the few wok grilling baskets we reviewed that does not have reinforced corners— though that does not seem to be much of an issue with this product. On the other hand, the use of perforated slits as opposed to holes does make it a bit more difficult to clean.

— Pros
Is a wok type of basket
Is a good size
Is made of stainless steel
Is dishwasher safe
Has curved handles
Has superior perforation

— Cons
Is a more expensive grilling basket
Is a bit difficult to clean

– Top Pick
— Cuisinart CNW-328 Non Stick Grill Wok, 11 by 11-Inch
Cuisinart may not be the first company you think of when you consider grilling accessories largely because it started and focuses primarily on kitchen-based products. However, the company has a fair amount of experience and even demonstrates a solid amount of innovation being the first company to make a consumer-grade food processor. This attention to different approaches continues with the Cuisinart CNW-328 grilling basket as it does things no other product we reviewed does. It also does not hurt that this is a more reasonably priced grilling basket compared to some of the other options we came across.

Different Base
From first glance, the Cuisinart grilling basket might seem just like all of the other options on our list, but it uses a different mix of materials to achieve a unique cooking experience. For example, this is actually the only grilling basket we reviewed which comes with a non-stick coating, though you should still apply a non-stick spray or oil for extra protection. On top of that, the CNW-328 grilling basket is also the only product on our list not made out of stainless steel.
Instead, the Cuisinart grilling basket is made of carbon steel which transfers heat better and more evenly. To help prevent the carbon steel from rusting or corroding, Cuisinart also anodized the metal which can be a bit tricky for steel. That said, Cuisinart’s focus in the kitchen and not on the grill definitely comes into play as this is one of the few grilling baskets we reviewed which has a fairly low temperature restriction. While 400-degrees is an okay temperature, going any higher risks warping the corners and can cause the non-stick coating to come off.

— Pros
Is a less expensive grilling basket
Is a wok type of basket
Is a good size
Has a non-stick coating
Is made of anodized steel
Has curved handles

— Cons
Corners can warp
Non-stick coating can come off

– Best Value
— WolfWise Stainless Steel Portable BBQ Grilling Basket for Fish Vegetable Steak Shrimp with an Additional Basting Brush
WolfWise is not the oldest company on our list by far, but it is definitely one of the more established upstarts we came across. WolfWise is definitely a bit of an outlier on our list in that not only is it not specialized in making grilling products, but it does not even specialize in cooking products. Instead, WolfWise focuses more on the camping and general outdoor market, but that still provides a need for grilling accessories. This is an entirely different type of grilling basket and is also one of the least expensive options we found as well.

Different Design
A quick glance is all it takes to realize that the WolfWise grilling basket is not like the other products on our list. To wit, this is the only cage grilling basket we reviewed which definitely focuses it a bit compared to the other options. For one, the WolfWise grilling basket has the least amount of space for food out of all the other products reviewed. On the other hand, the cage design of the WolfWise grilling basket allows it to more easily cook delicate foods like shrimp or fish.
In fact, this is arguably one of the more convenient grilling baskets that we came across with its closing top and locking handle. Though, it should be noted that the handle is not the most durable with the locking spring failing after extended use. Thankfully, the WolfWise grilling basket is made out of 430 stainless steel and even comes with a solid silicone basting brush.

— Pros
Is a less expensive grilling basket
Is a cage type of basket
Has a lock
Is made of stainless steel
Comes with a basting brush
Is dishwasher safe

— Cons
Is a smaller size
Not the most durable handle

– Runner Up
— Grillaholics Heavy Duty Grill Basket – Large Grilling Basket for More Vegetables – Stainless Steel Grilling Accessories Built to Last – Perfect Vegetable Grill Basket for All Grills and Veggies
Grillaholics is a bit unusual in that it is not actually its own company but is instead a subsidiary brand of DSquared International. That said, Grillaholics is currently the only brand owned by DSquared International, so they pay plenty of attention to it. On top of that, Grillaholics is a reasonably experienced newcomer to the grilling market founded 5 years ago. Even better, Grillaholics is actually one of the few companies we reviewed that specializes exclusively in grilling accessories. While all of this seems to bode well for the Grillaholics grilling basket, it has some issues to sort out before we can move it higher on our list.

Up and Down
Like most of the other products we reviewed, the Grillaholics grilling basket uses the wok design to allow you to cook more food. On top of that, while it has a decent size, it is not quite as large as some of the other options, making it easier to use with smaller grills. The issue really comes from the fact that not only is the Grillaholics grilling basket a bit more expensive than most of its competition, but its main selling point is also a bit hit or miss.
Basically, the Grillaholics grilling basket features triple-reinforced corners to provide additional durability, especially at high temperatures. Unfortunately, there seems to be a quality control issue with this grilling basket as the reinforced corners are either regularly absent or not that durable.

— Pros
Is a wok type of basket
Is made of stainless steel
Has triple-reinforced corners
Has curved handles
Is dishwasher safe
Is a good size

— Cons
Is a more expensive grilling basket
Not the best QC

– Also Consider
— #1 BEST Vegetable Grill Basket – BBQ Accessories for Grilling Veggies, Fish, Meat, Kabob, or Pizza – Use as Wok, Pan, or Smoker – Quality Stainless Steel – Camping Cookware – Charcoal or Gas Grills OK
Grillux is by far the youngest and least experienced company on our list starting just this year. That being the case, it only makes sense that the company might have to take a little bit more time figuring out what works and what does not with their products. While the Grillux grilling basket definitely has some issues, we hope the company can address them fairly quickly. It should not be much of an issue to do so considering that the Grillux grilling basket is their own product, giving them plenty of opportunity to focus on it.

Okay Build
One of the better qualities of the Grillux grilling basket is that it uses 403 stainless steel which transfers heat better than other types of stainless steel. On top of that, the Grillux grilling basket also features plenty of hole perforations that are still small enough to prevent even smaller pieces of food from falling out.
However, the Grillux grilling basket definitely needs to increase the gauge of its materials as it is known to warp under hotter temperatures. On top of that, while this is another wok type of grilling basket that includes reinforced corners, the application of those reinforced bits seem to be a bit iffy with quality control issues rearing their head.

— Pros
Is a less expensive grilling basket
Is a wok type of basket
Is a good size
Has curved handles
Has reinforced corners
Has good perforation

— Cons
Not the thickest metal
Not the best QC

– Best Grilling Basket Buying Guide 2019
— Type
Though it is not necessarily the most important aspect when choosing a grilling basket, the type of basket you choose will play an important role in determining what you can use it for. In practice, this has the effect of either limiting what foods you can grill with the basket or making the grilling of particular foods easier. In fairness, one type of grilling basket is not truly better than the other type as much as it focuses when you should use it. While there may be some minor variations in proportion and design, the 2 main types of grilling baskets are the wok and the cage.

— Wok – This is by far the most common type of grilling basket and is likely what most people think of when they think of a grilling basket. This type of grilling basket features a flat bottom with 4 raised sides and allows you to fill it with food for grilling. The wok grilling basket will also often have perforations to allow the fire and any other grill flavors to absorb into the food. One of the primary benefits of a wok grilling basket is that it can hold far more food than most cage baskets.
On top of that, the wok grilling basket is a bit more versatile in terms of what kind of food it can hold as well. However, the wok grilling basket does not come with a top and can make flipping or turning the food to cook the other side or prevent burning a bit more difficult. On top of that, most wok grilling baskets are a decent size and can make closing the lid of a smaller grill impossible.

— Cage – The cage grilling basket is definitely the less common of the two, though it is by no means an uncommon type of grilling basket. However, the cage grilling basket is generally the more specialized type of grilling basket with more limitations in terms of versatility. A cage grilling basket is usually a wire mesh with large spaces between the wires to allow plenty of smoke and fire to infuse flavor into the food. On top of that, the cage grilling basket also generally includes a top which makes flipping or turning the food inside much easier.
However, most cage grilling baskets are significantly smaller than the wok type of grilling basket. This inherently reduces the amount and type of food that a cage grilling basket can hold, though it makes it particularly useful when grilling fish and other cuts of meat. In fact, the cage grilling basket was made primarily for grilling fish as fish can be notoriously hard to turn on a grill without it falling to pieces.

— Material
The material used in the construction of a grilling basket is one of the more important qualities, but there are not too many different varieties of material used. For one, pretty much every grilling basket will be constructed of some type of steel, though there are nuances in how the different types of steel perform. Generally, you choose one type of material over another based on how you want the food to cook or how you want the grilling basket to perform when not in use. The 2 main types of steel used for grilling baskets are stainless steel and carbon steel, though carbon steel is rarely left in its natural state.

— Stainless Steel – Stainless steel is easily the most common type of material used for grilling baskets, as it gains more and more prominence with grilling accessories more generally. That said, stainless steel is not actually the best material to use for cooking itself as stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as other types of steel. In fact, the main reason stainless steel continues to be such a popular choice comes down to its overall convenience.
For example, stainless steel is an alloy containing chromium which imparts a natural resistance to water damage and corrosion. On top of that, stainless steel is generally easier to clean than other types of steel, though this can vary depending on any additional treatments applied. Stainless steel is also a fairly durable material while also being lightweight making it easier to use in general.

— Carbon Steel – Though it was once used for a wide range of grilling applications, carbon steel is quickly being passed up in favor of stainless steel. To be clear, this transition has nothing to do with how carbon steel performs in grilling applications and comes down almost entirely to the convenience of stainless steel. For example, carbon steel is a good bit more difficult to clean than stainless steel, especially if left untreated. On top of that, carbon steel is significantly more susceptible to water damage or general corrosion than stainless steel.
On the other hand, carbon steel conducts heat much better than stainless steel which makes it ideal for cooking food quickly and evenly. On top of that, carbon steel is also stronger than stainless steel in general, though it is more susceptible to heat malleability. It is also worth noting that carbon steel is heavier than stainless steel which might be important depending on your grill.

— Area
This is definitely one of the more important qualities depending on the type of grill you have and the type of grilling you do. For example, if you grill for large groups or parties, then you will necessarily want a larger grilling basket. In this instance, you will likely opt for a wok type of grilling basket, though this also requires that you have a large grill. On the other hand, you can still use a large wok grilling basket without closing the lid of the grill, though this will definitely depend on the amount of heat your grill can generate and retain.
Keep in mind, the difference of an inch or two might not seem like a big deal for the amount of food you can grill, but it can play a big role in how you have to cook it. This also applies to the height of the grilling basket, though this aspect technically impacts the way the food cooks more than the planar dimensions. Basically, a taller grilling basket may allow you to fill the basket with more food, but it will also impact how quickly the food cooks and how often you have to turn or flip the food while it cooks to prevent burning. On top of that, this can also make fitting the grilling basket into a closed grill more difficult to estimate since you cannot see inside of most closed grills.

— Handle
One thing that all grilling baskets technically have in common is the inclusion of a handle, though the actual design and function of a handle can differ depending on the type of grilling basket. The cage grilling basket definitely provides the most convenient type of handle and is arguably the most traditional type as well. A cage grilling basket’s handle is the only one that generally does not sit over the fire and is also often insulated from the basket’s heat in general. This is much easier to use as it does not require heat-resistant gloves to grab hold of and also allows you to quickly and easily flip the cage grilling basket. The wok grilling basket will usually just provide a lip at the ends of the basket on the sides and is exposed to grill’s heat. On top of that, a wok grilling basket’s handle is almost always made out of the same material as the basket and will require heat-resistant gloves to grab.

— Perforation
In order to make these types of products a basket as opposed to a pan or griddle, a grilling basket will need to be perforated. The perforation allows fire and smoke flavors to infuse into your food without letting your food fall through the openings between your grates. That said, different types of food absorb flavors at different rates and will require one type or size of perforation compared to another. For example, grilling baskets can employ a wider variety of different perforation types to provide different cooking experiences. On the other hand, cage grilling baskets have a tendency to impart far more flavor into your food, even if they also usually require larger pieces of food in the first place.

– FAQ’s
Why Choose a Grilling Basket?
Cooking on a grill can provide some of the best flavor profiles for a wide range of food, but it also often comes with its own logistical limitations. For one, most grills use either a rounded or v-shaped grate system, but neither of these are solid or even especially small. To be fair, this is meant to provide plenty of space for fire and smoke to seep into your food, but it also makes it difficult to cook smaller pieces of food.
To account for this, a grilling basket allows you to cook smaller pieces of food without having to worry about them slipping in between the openings of the grill’s grate. While certain foods like vegetables may seem an obvious choice for this application, grilling baskets are also good for cooking smaller meat chunks or cubes too. On top of that, the cage type of grilling basket makes cooking fish much easier without having to worry about it flaking apart when trying to turn it.

How to Use a Grilling Basket?
Using a grilling basket might seem straightforward at first, but it really depends on the type of cooking you want to do and the other qualities of your equipment. For example, one of the most important things that often gets overlooked when choosing a grilling basket is the size of the basket. As mentioned prior, many wok grilling baskets are simply too large to use on smaller grills and close the lid.
This may not necessarily be much of an issue if you plan to “saute” the food in the basket but can make smoking the food at lower temperatures more difficult. It is also worth noting that even if the grill affords the width and length dimensions of your grilling basket, you also have to account for the height— something that can be an issue depending on whether and how the grill’s warming rack sits.
Beyond the strict size requirements of a grilling basket, you also have to account for the material as some materials do not handle high temperatures as well as others. On top of that, even if the material normally handles high temperatures well enough, the gauge of the material can still limit the heat the grilling basket can endure. As such, it is generally best to use a grilling basket at lower cooking temperatures with the lid closed and higher cooking temperatures with the lid open.
Another potential concern for the material comes more from how the food will cook on it rather than the material itself. Basically, when you cook any kind of food the juices will inevitably seep from the food and onto the grilling basket. While this is not too much of an issue for a cage grilling basket, it can become a bit more of a hassle for a wok grilling basket.
As such, you should probably apply some non-stick coating to the wok grilling basket if it does not already have one. Of course, because the grilling basket cooks over an open flame and the wok grilling basket is perforated, make sure that the non-stick coating has a high smoke point to prevent burning.
Once you are done with the grilling basket, regardless of what type it is, you should usually soak it in water with degreasing soap, or else you may find cleaning it to be a bit of a pain. This actually applies to grilling baskets regardless of what material they use or treatments they apply. Thankfully, some grilling baskets are dishwasher safe which can make cleaning them a bit easier, but a dishwasher will not remove baked-on grease by itself.

What to Look For?
While we have covered a number of important qualities to consider when choosing a grilling basket, most of those are fairly common between the different products or boil down to personal preference rather than simply being the better option. However, when figuring out which grilling basket between 2 similar options is better for you, there are a couple of features that have a tendency to impact the experience better or worse regardless of your preferences.
One of the most important things to look for when choosing a wok grilling basket is how the corners are constructed. Granted, most wok grilling baskets will feature a similar design, but some products actually go the extra mile and reinforce the corners with riveted or welded corner pieces. This provides the wok grilling basket more durability in general, but it offers significantly more protection against heat warping than open corner wok grilling baskets— unless that basket is made of thicker gauged metal.
Another thing to look for with all types of grilling baskets, though it has a tendency to feature more often with wok grilling baskets, is the application of a process treatment. This can take the form of treating the material during its production or can be applied to the finished grilling basket after manufacture. For the base material, the most common type of treatment is something that will provide additional resistance against rust or corrosion. For treatments applied to a finished product, this most often takes the form of a non-stick coating— though this does not mean you can avoid using oil or some other non-stick substance when prepping the grilling basket to cook.

– Conclusion
As we can see, there is not really a big obvious difference between the different grilling baskets, though their build quality can vary far more. If you just want a high-end grilling basket that is convenient to use, the Weber Deluxe Grilling Basket has everything you need. On the other hand, the Cuisinart grilling basket is the only one on our list that has a non-stick coating, though it cannot handle higher temperatures. The WolfWise comes in at a solid value and is the only cage type of grilling basket we reviewed, but the handle is not the most durable. The Grillaholics might provide the best corners that we found, unfortunately, they regularly have QC issues. Speaking of QC issues, Grillux will suffer the same problems and is made of thinner material but conducts heat better than most.

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